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Enroll in the Ryan Family Amusements PLAYERS CLUB!

Register Your Card to Prevent Theft and Loss!

If you've already registered your card at an RFA center,
there is no need to re-register online.
We promise not to sell, rent or distributeyour information. By providing us with your email addrress, you are opting-in to receive emails from our company and you may opt out at any time.

Check Your Players Club Cash and Ticket Balance


PURCHASE a $50 CARD & GET $120 IN FREE PLAY! You will receive $10 in FREE PLAY every month for one year. Value will automatically be loaded on to your card every 30 days. Unused bonus cash expires after 30 days. Card must be purchased at the counter...not available at the kiosk.

BENEFITS Once you've registered your Players Card, you'll qualify for V.I.P. discounts. Click here to view the Loyalty Rewards Levels! You'll also receive emails giving you up-to-the-minute details about specials designed for Players Card Club members and more!

SWIPE 'n PLAY! To play our games at all of our locations, you'll need a Players Card. You may purchase one in any dollar amount from one of our employees or at an electronic kiosk. When your are ready to play, swipe your Players Game Card through the reader on the game of your choice, then press the flashing green lights or start button to begin.

LOAD IT 'n GO! This is a fast, easy and secure system that allows you to load and re-load your card with any dollar value to enjoy all of our great games with a simple one swipe card.

TICKETS? Playing a game skill game that dispenses tickets? You'll be able to load your tickets into a ticket eater, and then load your tickets onto the Players Club Card. No more bulky tickets to carry around. The card tracks your tickets each time you earn them during game play and whenever you redeem them for prizes. You may check your ticket balance online as well as on the in-house electronic kiosk.

REGISTRATION IS EASY! You may register your card in-house to receive Players Card Club benefits. We encourage you to register your card with us in case it is lost so that we can replace it for you with your earned cash and ticket balances along with any outstanding benefits that are due. Your privacy is important to us. NO information will be shared or sold with a third party.

(Benefits Subject to Change)


Gift Cards are not available online at this time.
They may be purchased at the Service Desk.


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